Welcome! Thought Velocity provide technical expertise where and when you need it the most. This could be a growing company that doesn’t have the headcount to warrant a full time CTO, or you may need input into a strategy or project.


Augmenting your leadership team to find the best strategy and solutions aligned to your business.


Over the course of building infrastructure you learn a thing or two about realistic expectations and actual best practise, as well as solving problems that arise. Wouldn’t it be great to have a network of individuals who specialise in certain areas, rather than employing one person who only understands part and tries implement the rest.


Partnered with SentinelOne

We are seeing more and more attacks damaging businesses, and it is normally only after a tragic incident that information security jumps to the top of the agenda. This can all change with the new licencing options for SentinelOne, which we have already delivered to more than 500 users.


We have vast experience working with tech companies, digital agencies, retail, hospitality and financial institutions. Drop by for a chat anytime.